Verona in Love, 11-14 February 2017

“If you love someone, bring them to Verona” is the motto of this charming festival.

Verona’s ancient squares, shady lanes and courtyards with the spirit of Romeo and Juliet and the whisper of their romantic love in the air is a perfect destination for proposing marriage. The Verona in Love Festival welcomes lovers of all ages across the world to experience an unforgettable Valentine’s Day in the city of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers.

The Verona in Love Festival is full of activities and events to suit all romantic couples. As the most romantic city in the world, it is the perfect location to propose marriage to your Valentine. Every day has something special that can assist you to make the time you propose extra special.

Romantic places to propose in Verona

Piazza dei Signori

Along the red heart shape carpet in the magnificent Piazza dei Signori you can taste and purchase local produce of Verona as well as gifts and artefacts dedicated to love. The stalls will be arranged in the classic ‘heart shape’. During the Verona in Love festival, there is an event at Piazza dei Signori where couples seal their love with a kiss lasting one minute. There will also be a reconstruction of Juliet’s balcony, another perfect photo opportunity.

Lamberti Tower

During Verona in Love, the Lamberti Tower, the tallest building in the city will be lit up in red. Climb to the top and enjoy a breathtaking view of Verona and Piazza dei Signori as the perfect backdrop for when you propose to your beloved. Whilst you are on top of the world, toast your future with a typical Italian aperitiv. Perhaps add a table for two (Due cuori a tavola) for a romantic dinner in one of the prestigious restaurants in the city centre serving themed dishes devoted to love.


Windows in Love

Lights and decorations in the form of hearts and flowers are created specifically by stores in the centre to create a warm and charming atmosphere, made all the more beautiful by lighting by ‘Illuminations of Love’ from the Piazza Bra to Juliet’s House.

Seal of love

Prepare to propose with a ‘Seal of Love’. Days before the event you can book online your Seal of Love, a promise of love in a parchment showing your two names hand written in Gothic style, bound and held together by sealing wax. During the Verona in Love festival you can collect this in Cortile Mercato Vecchio, a square in the heart of the town.

Message from the Heart

There is a large notice board in Old Market Courtyard where you can leave a message or a dedication of love. Surprise your partner with your “Will you marry me?” proposal.

Let her be your Juliet

The Juliet Club has an exhibition on the customs and history of Verona. There is an opportunity for your sweetheart to be Juliet for the day (without the unhappy ending) with a performance on Valentines Day of the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. The original script from Shakespeare is performed in the courtyard of Juliet at 6.30pm.

Say “I will”

Now that your proposal of marriage has been accepted, visit the ‘Verona Newlyweds’ exhibition at the Verona in Love Festival for ideas, services and products to help you organize your wedding. If you want to wed in Verona, you can hold your ceremony in the most famous places of the city such as the Juliet’s House, Tapestry Room, the Guarienti Room and the Chapel of Notaries.